Colombia Supremo (Direct Trade)
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Colombia Supremo (Direct Trade)

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COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION:  Valle del Cauca, Municipality of Sevilla
PROCESS:  Washed
ALTITUDE:  1400-1700masl
BAG SIZE: 70 kg

CUPPING NOTES: Dried citrus, hazelnut, raw sugar, cacao finish.

The Colombian Department of Valle del Cauca (Cauca Valley) is located between the western and central ranges of the northwestern Andes and stretches for about 372 miles (600 km). The gentle slopes of the Cauca Valley foothills, starting at an elevation of around 3,280 feet (1,000 m), give way to a rugged topography at higher elevations, with deep canyons and numerous rivers and streams.

Colsuaves sources its coffees from the municipalities of Cartago and Sevilla in the northeast area of the Department, where Valle del Cauca borders the Department of Quindio. Great mountains  surround  this breathtaking region characterized by volcanic soils, rich in organic matter. The area is also known for the many water springs that feed the water systems of the surrounding municipalities.

95% of the coffee in this region comes from small producers who live and work in farms of 5 hectares in size or less.  Coffee  is  handpicked, depulped using traditional machinery and fermented for about 12 hours in tanks before being washed. Finally, it is laid out to sun dry.